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試験科目:「Certified Treasury Professional 」
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NO.1 An art history museum has recently finished renovating its new location. Before the move, the
treasurer considers purchasing additional insurance to protect the art during transit. What form of
additional insurance should the treasurer choose?
A. Difference in conditions (DIC)
B. Business interruption
C. General liability
D. Special multi-peril (SMP)
Answer: A

CTP 研修   CTP 本番   

NO.2 Company M operates a grocery distribution business on Main Street. As part of its business
continuity plan, Company M intends to purchase insurance to cover the facility lease for its Main
Street warehouse in the event it cannot operate for a period of time. What type of coverage should
Company M purchase?
A. Cost reimbursement insurance
B. Fiduciary insurance
C. Business interruption insurance
D. General liability insurance
Answer: C

CTP 実際   

NO.3 A cash manager is determining the threshold over which cash concentrations will be done by
wire. An ACH transaction costs $0.50. A wire costs $12.00. Funds are available 2 days quicker by wire
and the opportunity cost of funds is 5%. What threshold should the cash
manager use?
A. $83,942
B. $87,600
C. $41,975
D. $43,800
Answer: C

CTP 技術者   

NO.4 Convertible securities consist of preferred stock anD.
A. bonds.
B. tracking stock.
C. treasury stock.
D. common stock.
Answer: A