HPE0-S37 過去問題、Building HPE Server Solutions


NO.1 What can be used to facilitate the configuration of OS installations on HPE ProLiant Servers?
A. HPE intelligent Provisioning
B. HPE Smart Storage Administrator
C. HPE Virtual Connect Manager
D. HPE iLO Federation
Answer: A

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NO.2 A customer needs to eliminate thermal imbalance in its new data center. Which solution
should the architect recommended to the customer?
A. HPE Rack Air Duck Kit
B. any HPE iPDU
C. HPE Intelligent Network racks
D. any Intelligent Series rack
Answer: D

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NO.3 A customer needs to consolidate its standard server SAN- and LAN-based infrastructure to a
blade enclosure converged-based solution.
Which components should the architect include in the proposal to help meet the customer's needs?
(Select two.)
A. HPE 6125XLG Ethernet Switch
B. HPE OneView
C. HPE 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch
D. HPE Insight Remote Support
E. HPE Flex Fabric 20/40 FB Virtual Connection module
Answer: B,E

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NO.4 What is a feature of HPE Synergy Composer?
A. It uses one Compute Slot, or two for redundancy
B. it uses SATA SAS. of SSD drives for internal storage
C. It updates resources without service interruption
D. It provides stateless compute boot images
Answer: C

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